SpringOne 2GX

Below are links to my presentations at SpringOne 2GX 2011. Each presentation contain links to resources and demo code.

A walk-through the programming model and other changes in Spring MVC 3.1. Designed to be easy to follow without a speaker:

Spring MVC 3.1 Update

An up-to-date view on Spring config including singificant Java config updates (co-presented with Chris Beams):

Spring 3.1 Configuration Enhancements

Spring 3.1 TestContext framework updates and a new @MVC Test framework (co-presented with Sam Brannen):

Spring 3.1 and Spring MVC Testing Support

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4 Responses to SpringOne 2GX

  1. mark says:

    Thanks interesting presentations..! Anything to share on the future of webflow? tThings are quiet online on the topic…

  2. Manpreet Singh says:

    Hey Rossen.

    Some time back you had posted a response to the request titled:
    “Using common parameter ‘synchronizeOnSession’ requires complex setup” at:

    I have come across similar issue and have been struggling to find an easy way to do a similar thing.

    I am stuck in a situation where “” is being used in the application context. I can’t afford to change the configuration as per the “Spring MVC 3.1 Update”.

    Can you provide me with some example of setting up “synchronizeOnSession” along with “”?

    The root cause is the issue that, I have come across a situation where the session object is being accessed simultaneously by different threads and one of the thread throws exceptions due to not being able to acquire session. So I was trying to use Spring in built mechanism of “synchronizeOnSession” to resolve the issue.

    Can you kindly give me some code example that I can use for reference?


  3. Manpreet Singh says:

    NOTE: The “” in the post above were supposed to contain mvc:annotation-driven text in them. Somehow the words got removed.

  4. Rossen says:

    Manpreet, take a look at the Spring reference documentation. In the chapter on Spring MVC there is a section on the MVC namespace and how to make more advanced customizations.

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